Weeknight and Saturday morning lessons available in Geelong West

Music Lessons Across Primary Schools Around Geelong VIC.

We provide in-person music lessons at school and during school hours. We specialise in teaching Piano, Guitar, Drums, Singing, Ukulele, Violin and Bass Guitar.

Girl playing piano
Kid playing piano

Learn in-person

Lessons are taught during school hours, allowing students to learn face-to-face with their tutor at a rotating time throughout the school day. Kids are taken out of class, following a mostly random schedule, with an aim to avoid interrupting PE, Art, STEM, Dance, etc.

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Simplify the process

Pay via bank transfer and PayID. Each invoice is billed by the term, with no year-long commitment required. To check availability, please text or email us; we do not offer online bookings. You can join at any stage.

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Reliable Weekly Tuition

We tutor weekly on the same day, and we've rarely missed lessons over the last year. Join us for a consistent education with a familiar face. Once you get the hang of it, you'll remember your music day—it's always the same day of the week.

Child playing guitar

Set and forget

Kids are better off bringing their music bags to school, but it's not essential. All lesson equipment and books are covered by us for use on the day. If need be, just come to school as usual, and the lessons will still take place.

Andrew and Patrick Wheeler sitting in a school classroom.

We are Andrew and Patrick Wheeler, two brothers from the Golden Plains pursuing a simple, no fuss tutoring solution.

Our musical journey began during our own childhood when both of us started playing instruments at the age of 10. Andrew learning the guitar, while Pat focused on playing the drums. Our approach to music education places a strong emphasis on the importance of traditional sight reading and music notation. We draw from reputable course books and guide our students in this same direction.

With a diverse range of instruments available, we offer the opportunity to learn any instrument with the same familiar tutor. Whether you start with the guitar for one term and then decide to switch to the piano for the next, it's entirely possible—all without having to change tutors.

In 2022, we founded At-School Music, with Pat joining as a teacher and Andrew having previously been an established tutor. Before the start of term two in 2022, Pat had been juggling studies and work as an accountant. Our unwavering commitment to reliability and consistency is a core value for us. We take great care to ensure that we rarely miss lessons. Our ultimate objective is to foster a passion for learning in our students and all children, enabling them to absorb as much knowledge as they progress in their growth and education.

During School

Available at select schools only:

Anglesea Primary School
Ashby Primary School
Lethbridge Primary School
Manifold Heights Primary School
St Therese Catholic Primary School
Wallington Primary School

If you want our services at your school, just reach out to your school council members.

Don't see your school? Contact us for more options.

After School

Hope Street, Geelong West, or online via Zoom on weeknights and Saturday mornings.

Child playing guitar

Why learn a musical instrument?

Research shows that music education has a profoundly positive impact on children's social, emotional, and cognitive development. It helps them build social skills, enhances emotional intelligence, improves cognitive abilities, fosters creativity, and engages multiple senses in the learning process.

We also pursue AMEB exams for further education. These exams grant nationally recognised certificates that hold value for secondary school applications.