Private Music Lessons Across Schools around Geelong Victoria.

We provide in person music lessons at school and during school hours. We specialise in teaching Piano, Guitar, Drums, Singing, Ukulele and Bass.

At-School Music is rated 5 out of 5, based
on 24+ Certified Google Reviews

Andrew and Pat Wheeler teaching music at schools
Kid playing piano

Convenient In-Person Lessons

Taught during school and at school.

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Simplify your experience

No appointments to get to.

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Consistent Weekly Tuition

To ensure your kids have the most musical growth.

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Stress Free Organisation

Just send your kids to school with their music bag!

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We are Andrew and Patrick Wheeler, two brothers who provide music tutoring services to primary school children in the Geelong region.

Our musical journey began in our own childhood when we both started playing instruments at the age of 10. Andrew began with the guitar while Pat focused on drums. Our approach to music education emphasises the importance of traditional sight reading and music notation. We draw from reputable course books and guide our students in the same direction.

With a diverse range of instruments, we offer a unique perspective as we are proficient in all six on our roster. This versatility allows us to seamlessly switch between instruments and provide valuable insights. We can assist parents in determining the instrument that best suits their child and offer guidance accordingly.

We founded At-School Music as a private venture in 2022. Currently, we provide tutoring services in six schools across the region. Reliability and consistency are paramount to us, and we rarely miss lessons. Our goal is to foster a love for learning in our students and all children, enabling them to absorb as much knowledge as possible as they grow up.

Girl playing piano

Why learn a musical instrument?

Studies have shown that music education positively impacts children's social, emotional and cognitive development.

We also pursue AMEB exams for further education. These exams grant nationally recognised certificates that hold significant value for secondary school applications.

At-School Music is rated 5 out of 5, based
on 24+ Certified Google Reviews

We offer music classes in 6 schools around Geelong Victoria.

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